define it studio's approach involves recognizing that a brand identity is now only about visibility but also about being understood and remembered.


Co - founder  

Mia Lindhard

My expertise includes crafting digital strategies, building communities, and generating creative content for social media. I excel at translating your ideas into content strategies that deliver meaningful results, supporting your messages and goals. Specializing in identifying and communicating the right message to target audiences through appropriate channels, I leverage insights into digital platforms and online behavior to develop and plan effective campaign strategies aligned with strategic objectives, target demographics, and platform dynamics.

Co - founder

Camilla Broberg

My expertise lies in helping you shape your company's essence through a strong brand identity. My approach involves uncovering the unique characteristics of your brand, its values, and its objectives. I collaborate closely with you to grasp your company's DNA and translate it into visual elements that resonate with your target audience. I'm here to assist you in building a brand identity that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.